Klekovkin Kirill, 1973 г.р.

Адрес: Maryland, USA

Телефон: (***) ***-****

e-mail: kirklekovkin@netscape.net

1996-1998 Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, PA.
C++ and Object Oriented Programming. Computer-Aided Drafting Operations(AutoCAD). Non-credit courses in Business Communication and Writing.

1995-1996 Institute of Computer Technology. Moscow, Russia.
Course in Application Development Concepts and Computer Programming (Windows 95, Access, Visual Basic, MS Office).

1994-1996 State Technological University. Moscow, Russia.
. M.S. in Material Science and Mechanical Engineering.

1995 Workshop Training Program in Practical Business Management run by The European Commission TACIS ESSN.

1990-1994 State Technological University. Moscow, Russia.
B.S. in Material Science and Mechanical Engineering.
Опыт работы
1999-Present *** *** ***, Inc. Laurel, MD
Software Engineer.
1997–1999 *** *** ***, Inc. Cherry Hill, NJ
- As a team member, participated in design, development, maintenance, and support of several new and existing applications for manufacturing, business, and financial systems such as Technology Control, Inventory Control, Order Processing, and Payroll System. All projects were developed using Visual Basic 5.0 as a front-end and SQL Sever 6.5,Oracle 7.3, or MS Access 7.0 as a back-end.
- Experience includes:
- Designing, coding, and testing GUI using Windows Common Controls and third-party controls with a number of end-users tools for convenient data presentation,search, manipulation, navigation, and editing.
- Designing relational databases in SQL Sever 6.5, Oracle 7.3, and MS Access 7.0.
- Utilizing RDO 2.0 and ADO 2.0 data access libraries for communication with databases.
- Using SQL, PL/SQL and Transact-SQL to create stored procedures, triggers, views, and other database objects in Oracle and SQL Sever RDBMS.
- Analyzing applications and making necessary changes to optimize performance.
- Creating report systems by performing analysis of multiple user-defined criteria, providing user with a number of flexible options and printing outputs, and creating reports generation interface. All reports were generated by using Crystal Reports 4.5/5.0.
- Developing reusable procedures with classes and DLLs.
- Compiling codes into the program and correcting errors detected in the compilation process.
- Used ActiveX Automation (MS Word) to provide mail-merging services to users.

1995–1997 *** *** ***. Moscow, Russia.
- Participated in design, development, and support of the Information Systems for the Production Laboratory in the Metallurgical Management Control Division.
- The developed software allows the end-user to:
- Choose optimal materials for manufacturing of electrical ovens, calculate their parameters, and optimize the process of manufacturing of heat elements based on performing analysis of user-defined criteria and lowest production cost.
- Was responsible for designing, coding, debugging, and testing Graphical User Interface using Visual Basic 4.0; maintaining MS Access 2.0 Database; creating the setup package and project’s documentation.
- Provided technical support and training for users.
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